For more than 340 years, Fútastova (The Bailiff’s House) has been the home of many prominent historical figures. It has functioned as a school, church, meeting hall, art museum, embassy, concert hall and now a pleasant classic restaurant. A favourite among chefs and connoisseurs, Fútastova offers a unique fusion of Faroese and international cuisine.

Fútastova has also been at the epicentre of Faroese history. Its central location in the historical part of Tórshavn makes it a key witness to many historical events that have shaped the whole country and its people.

The building was originally built to house the Danish king’s representative in the Faroe Islands. This postition was called “fúti”. The fúti was for centuries the most powerful person in the Faroe Islands, acting as administrative police officer and tax collector.

Fútastova has also been neighbour to many important public institutions such as Parliament, the historical monopoly, the local courts and the government building.

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